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The Youth Action Research Institute (YARI) (formerly the National Teen Action Research Center) of the Institute for Community Research was formed in 1996 based on nearly a decade of work on youth-led action research for development, risk prevention, and social change. YARI promotes the use of action research for personal, group, and community development. Participants include children, preadolescents, and youth of diverse ethnic backgrounds as well as sexual minority youth.
Center Goal & Methods
Train preadolescents and adolescents to do ethnography-based action research for personal growth, group development and community change in summer and year-round programs
Involve teens in training other teens, children, and youth to use action research for social problem solving and advocacy in a peer leadership program
Develop and disseminate action research curricula and other educational products for youth empowerment
Develop interactive group-based approaches for instructing young people in action research for prevention and change that respond to developmental stage, gender, culture/ethnicity and sexual preference
Train educators, youth workers, service learning program facilitators, and social science interns to use action research methods and cooperative
education in their classrooms and programs
Involve youth in developing new curricula, materials, and research instruments for conducting action research with children and adolescents.
Youth Action Research Institute Programs

Summer Youth Research Institute 2002
Photo: Kaila Kuban


Youth researchers preparing data collection instruments
Photo: Kaila Kuban


Empowered Voices: A Participatory Action Research Curriculum for Girls
Participatory Action Research Curriculum for Empowering Youth